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Javascript & jQuery Technology

jQuery is a new kind of JavaScript library that makes it easier for designers to control HTML CODE events, animations, and other interactions on a web page with the help of and taking away style sheet handlers. These types of handlers are either CODE classes or IDs; the handlers are specified in a style sheet, which then tells the internet browser how to position and style HTML elements.

With jQuery, site designers can quickly and easily write these handlers to the file on specified events, for instance a mouse click or a hover, and when we do so, it will eventually change the style and/or position of that element.

  • Easy implementation for web-developers in comparison to other applications.
  • Detailed documents and useful examples for using jQuery on it is website.
  • Works in most windows and is the most popular JavaScript library at present being used.
  • jQuery is free, open source software.
  • Straightforward to produce powerful and dynamic websites.
  • World wide web page elements display even if JavaScript is handicapped in the browser.
  • Shortens AJAX.
  • Commands can be “chained” so that the consequence of one command can then control others.
  • Offers a “built-in” pair of cartoon applications that can even be used as commands.
  • Makes basic web pages become important interactive pages with nominal keystrokes.

jQuery can perform all of the elegant animations and transitions as Flash, but in a cleaner, simpler, and more SEO friendly way.


jQuery also simplifies AJAX–the client-side web development techniques for creating interactive web applications. AJAX applications can retrieve data from the server silently in the background without interfering with how a website displays or behaves. AJAX uses HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) to alter style and layout via user interaction and type.

Five lines of jQuery are equivalent to twenty-five lines of conventional JavaScript code, which relates to the least amount of “bloat” or extra, unneeded code. This means smaller files and faster packing web pages.

Advantage of an abundance of plugins that make creating special “Flash-like” effects simple and fast for website builders; backed by a large, helpful support community to quickly cure any insect issues.

Large software companies, like Microsoft, supports using jQuery in their applications, such as Visual Facilities, as evidence of their support of jQuery’s superior product.

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